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Scholarship Information

The Utah Highway Patrol Association will be granting several $1,000 scholarships to children of members (including deceased and retired members) of the Association. Applications should be submitted to UHPA by April 30 each year. Awards are made in June. 

10 UHPA Scholarships will be awarded this year.

Download Scholarship Rules and Application

The rules for the scholarship competition and applications can also be found in the Utah Trooper magazine. 

Applications must be mailed to:

Attn: Scholarship Committee 
PO Box 571466 
Murray, Utah 84157

Rules for Participation in Scholarship Competition:

  1. Must have a 3.0 or better grade point average and be a high school graduate or college student.
  2. Must attend an accredited college or university.
  3. Parent must be a member (minimum 2 years) of the UHPA. (first generation)
  4. Must be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours per semester or be a fulltime student.
  5. Must submit an essay of 250 words on your goals and why you are the best candidate to receive this scholarship.
  6. Applicant may major in any subject.
  7. Must submit photograph.
  8. Winners may re-apply for the scholarship each year.
  9. First time applicants will be given first priority.

Rules for the Awarding of a Scholarship:

  1. Winners will be awarded $500 per semester.
  2. To receive second payment, grades must be submitted to the UHPA President for verification of grade point average.
  3. High school transcripts will be accepted for first semester payment.
  4. Scholarships will be awarded at the UHPA Retirement Dinner in June of each year.
  5. Winners may have their photos and essay published in the Utah State Trooper magazine.
  6. Any applicants who have been denied a scholarship shall have the right to appeal to the UHPA Board of Directors at their next regularly scheduled meeting. Applications for appeal shall be made through their respective representative. The decision of the UHPA Board of Directors shall be final.
  7. The Board of Directors would like to advise you that this is not made in the form of a loan, but is to help further your education. If during the course of your lifetime, the aid that you receive from this award has helped to bring you financial and material success, it would be appreciated if you would donate back to the scholarship fund any amount that may be within your means. In this way the future generosity of successful recipients will enable other young people to attend college as well.

We congratulate you and wish you the best of luck in your education endeavors.

Board of Directors 
Utah Highway Patrol Association