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Membership Benefits

The association provides a number of benefits to its members to include:

  • An annual awards/retirement banquet
  • 15 year member gift (watch or ring) $200 value
  • Discounts on UHPA merchandise
  • A retirement plaque
  • A retirement check
  • Legal representation through Professional Law Enforcement Association (PLEA). PLEA provides 24 hour claims service. You may use a plan attorney or a non-plan attorney of your choice. Your UHPA rep can provide you with a list of all the attorneys we have added to our PLEA coverage. The Legal Defense Fund will pay legal fees, on behalf of our participant, for the following matters arising from a duty related incident, as defined in the PLEA legal defense handbook and Summary Plan Description. Your rep can provide you with a PLEA handbook. These incidents include:
    1. Defense of criminal charges.
    2. Defense of civil lawsuits.
    3. Defense of administrative proceedings arising from incidents involving the public.

    INCIDENT means an actual or alleged act or omission to which this plan applies, which is first reported to the Legal Defense Fund during the period the participant is covered by the plan. An incident can occur on or off duty.
    DUTY RELATED means actual or alleged acts or omissions of the participant while acting within the scope of his or her authority as a law enforcement officer.

  • Dedicated advocacy for your rights and benefits before the Utah Legislature. Direct communication occurs from each member through the UHPA presidency to the Legislators.
  • Student scholarships for our members families
  • Financial support to members and their families in times of crisis or extraordinary needs

To join this devoted, true blue organization, the Utah Highway Patrol Association, download and complete the enrollment forms.

UHPA Enrollment Form
PLEA Group Enrollment Form