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UHPA AuxiliaryG_Wertz

The Source of Our Strength

I am humbled at the opportunity I have to be the President of the Utah Highway Patrol Association Auxiliary. Time and time again I am amazed at the dedication you will find within the Utah Highway Patrol.

Our Troopers put their lives on the line every time they leave their homes for work and we are the loved ones that pray for their safe arrival home after each shift. The Auxiliary is a family that stands united in supporting The Utah Highway Patrol, The Utah Highway Patrol Association, and the Utah Retired Troopers Association. The issues that effect these entities have an everlasting effect on our lives and those of our family. 

While one Trooper's voice may be small we as an Auxiliary have a large voice and we are proud to support "our" Troopers in their career choice and hope to make their environment a better place to work. We meet regularly with our Legislators to discuss the concerns of our sections and voice our feelings of what would be of greatest benefit to the people of our communities, state employees, and law enforcement. United we will stand on Capitol Hill. 

We are a family who supports one another through the ups and downs that come our way! 

For questions or concerns please email me at ginamere@gmail.com 


Gina Wurtz 
Utah Highway Patrol Association Auxiliary