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 On 11/3, Trooper Jim Miller and I were invited to come to Blackstone (https://blackstoneproducts.com/) in Logan to receive a donation for UHPA.  Vanessa Pixton with Blackstone gave us three of the 36" Griddle Cooking Station models, the largest they manufacture.  They also included a breakfast kit with pancake batter dispenser, egg rings, and hashbrown/bacon press, an outdoor cooking set with spatulas, tongs, and a spoon, a hard cover to protect the grilling surface, a soft cover to cover the entire grill, a carrying bag, a wind guard, and grill surface seasoning.  Basically, they donated everything that would be needed for a Section to host an awesome bbq or breakfast cookout.  We placed one unit at the Section 2 office, one at the Section 14 office, and one at the Section 11 office, which will allow most sections across the State access.  Vanessa said they were thankful for the service UHP troopers provide to help keep the community safe and wanted to show their appreciation for the hard work we do every day.  We really appreciate their generosity and thoughtfulness.

-Jacob Cox

UHPA President